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Almost every day, we receive warm, wonderful letters of thanks from our patients and their families...sometimes photos included!

We are as delighted as our patient’s words and are privileged to share their comments here.

We at SOFT THANK YOU, our patients, for taking the time out of your busy day to praise the SOFT staff for the excellent care you received, for telling us about your families and how they are growing and for sharing your SOFT experience with us.

If you have a happy story you would like to share with us, please drop us a line by post to ~

Mom & Babe
  • Southern Ontario Fertility Technologies,
    Suite 107-555 Southdale Road,
    London, ON N6E 1A2

  • or an email to [email protected].
    We would LOVE to hear from you!!!

When my husband and I were first referred to you back in 2001, we had no idea how the next several years of our life would be. During our journey of infertility, we always felt so fortunate to have our lives in your hands.

Our son was born Dec 28, 2004 (IUI).  He is now six years old and full of life. We are so blessed to have such an amazing little boy in our life.  Our daughter was born July 7, 2007 (IUI). Our son adores his little sister. He calls her his sweetheart, and is always there when she needs him. She is always happy, and has a smile on her face.
Words cannot express to you the gratitude we have for your help in creating our perfect family. We could not imagine our life without our children. They mean everything to us.

We just wanted to say thank you....for everything.
All the best,
M & J

We’re having TWO babies, the most wonderful gift in the world. When it came to achieving this seemingly impossible task Over 3 years of prayers and begging and ask, ask ask, we had given up hope, cried a billion tears and figured it just wasn’t meant to be.

But that finally came to an end because of YOU and not there’s a new feeling, Glee!!!

From the minute we walked through the door on that cold November day, We knew this could be a long, frustrating experience but come what may, it was your greeting, your huge smiles that calming atmosphere, that gave us that extra faith and helped us think “they can help us here!”

New terms started to confuse us like IUI, HCG, Femara and Clomid every question was answered with “that’s a great question, let me explain why we did what we did,” there were so many questions about when and how and why so long? Not once did we feel like our questions were dumb or were wrong.

Now, years later, we finally got that long awaited and exciting call, “You’re pregnant” Lisa said, all of a sudden, we were bouncing off the wall!!!

You never know how much that positive thinking really makes the difference but now we have TWO babies in my belly, and it begins to make TOTAL sense!!

This poem is being written to the SOFT clinic and the people that mean so much to us. Without each of the moments that we felt support in so many different ways from you, I’m not sure we would have made it this far, we would have given up, not know what to do. Because of you, we felt that WE were most important and helping us succeed was a must.

Thank you for helping us fend our infertility away, Thank you for never giving up and helping us be patient for that oh so special day. Thank you for being our friends and thank you for all of the hugs and smiles, And Thank You for helping us through the sometimes unforgiving miles.

We forever indebted to each and every one of you and we’ll never forget the special gift that you’ve helped us receive and achieve. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!

D & M

I rock my beautiful baby boy to sleep every night and I wonder at the greatness of it all. How I could have been blessed with the honour of being called “Mother”.

I know I would not have been given that title without the help and support of everyone at the SOFT clinic. I guess that sort of makes you god parents.

We’ll let you know when we are ready for baby #2!
Thank you,
S & C

Our son entered this world early and quickly in December. His older brother is very happy to have a baby brother and is a big help.

How we can ever thank you is beyond us! You truly are creating miracles helping to bring little bits of heaven to earth. We are so very blessed and happy to have our healthy happy boys. We thank you every day for our family.

Thank you again for everything!
K & J

Thank you for helping to make our dream of becoming parents come true! You are a kind and compassionate team, thank you for all of your support.

Sincerely, J & A

We are pleased to let you know that our daughter was born July. She is a very healthy and contented bay and brings us much joy and delight each day.

We are so grateful for the support you gave us. We truly appreciate the high quality of care we received, the hope you gave us, and your very kind staff. We still have M’s message on our answering machine telling us we are going to be parents!

Our daughter is undoubtedly the best gift we will have this Christmas and we thank you for being part of her arrival.

We wish you and your staff many good things to come in this New Year.

C & K

No words can describe the gratitude we feel for the doctors, nurses and staff that helped bring this beautiful miracle into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and look forward to introducing our little guy to everyone.

J & S

Just a little something to say “THANKS”

We couldn’t have done this without you and are forever in your debt! You are the best group of people we’ve ever met!

D & M & twin one and twin two

Thank you so much for all your support through our second successful pregnancy through your clinic. You have changed our lives so much with our two beautiful children.

Many Thanks,
C & R

We are very proud to let you know of the birth of our son. He is a very happy and healthy baby and we could not be more thrilled to have him!

Thanks to everyone at your office for making the road to having our son a smooth one.

Infertility is a very painful experience for anyone to go through but all of you did a phenomenal job of making this easier for us.
Maybe we will see you again in a few years!

M & S

Thank you for saying yes when so many said no. You took what people said would be impossible and made it easy for us. Serodiscordant couples are lucky to have you on their side.
Thanks too for your efforts we now have a beautiful healthy baby boy.

We hope to drop by so you can see him soon.

I & D

We can’t express enough thanks to all of you who helped our little miracle to be here. As we had started to lose hope in starting a family of our own, you made our dreams come true.

Our daughter was born in July, happy, healthy and perfect, Thank You! We will visit soon.

With sincere gratitude,
M & D

I just wanted to take the time to thank Dr. Martin and his staff from the bottom of my heart for all the time and effort they put into helping my husband and I fulfill our dream of starting a family.

This was the happiest day of my life. I could not of done this without the support and kindness of the staff at the SOFT Clinic.

Our daughter is a true miracle to me and I enjoy waking up every morning to her joyful eyes and her playful smile.

We hope to see you this summer for a visit and then, in another nine months when we try again with my two frozen embryos.

Thanks again!
D & K

Thank you all so very much for making our dream of becoming parents come true. We have so much joy in our lives and a love we never knew could exist!

Our son is the greatest gift, and we wouldn’t have him without the SOFT Clinic and all it’s wonderful staff!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!
C & A

We thank you dearly for all of the care you have provided us over the past few years.

Your dedication to your patients is truly remarkable, as there were times when our hope waivered and your optimism helped us to regain our strength.

The journey to parenthood was definitely the most physically and emotionally challenging path we have traveled but worth it! We are loving every moment with our beautiful son!

We cannot thank you enough for your treatment advice and we feel truly blessed now that our little one has arrived. The support staff at the office is truly amazing and always willing to take the time for a much needed hug. They are always willing to answer questions and even though they have a very busy day ahead make you feel as though you are their only patient. We could not have asked for a more educated and caring group/team of people to help us get to our goal of parenthood!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
K & S

With all your help, we finally have our beautiful baby boy!

Thank you for giving so freely of your time and your expertise. We truly appreciate all your support and care for the year we were with you.

A special thanks to our “good luck charm” Pat.

S & D

Thank you very much for all your guidance, support and compassion over the past four years. Everyone was always so kind and caring. You all were wonderful!

Thank you most of all for helping us achieve our dream of becoming parents. We are truly blessed and we have you to thank!

M & C

Just wanted to say a very special thank you for all the support and help that was given to my husband and myself. Everyone at the SOFT Clinic was just wonderful. We felt we were treated more like family members rather than just clients or patients.

After my husband & I lost our first child due to a miscarriage, the future looked very empty. I was losing hope rather quickly that we would ever have a child together. When my doctor referred us to you we were given hope that maybe you could help.

Thanks to all of you, today I can write this note while looking over at my twin angels sleeping in front of me. As much as it was a shock to discover that we were having twin boys, we can’t imagine life without them. Having them has totally completed us. Those big blue eyes and adorable faces just come to live every time I look at them.

Thank you all for giving us a bright future with our two beautiful boys.

D & R

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